Michael Capponi’s Outstanding 40th Birthday Bash

on May 22nd, 2015 by admin

Leading Miami developer and humanitarian Michael Capponi celebrated his 40th birthday in a fantastic way. Celebrities came from near and far to gather at Capitale in New York City on May 4, 2012. Capponi excels at throwing birthday parties. Previous festivities included a mansion tree-house, an airplane hanger, and even a pirate ship. This birthday celebration did not disappoint. The birthday bash showcased Capponi’s exhaustive work in education, vocational training, industry development, and job creation in Haiti. All of these initiatives were undertaken in 60 trips to the island nation since the devastating earthquake occurred there in 2010.

michael capponi

Donna Karan and Maria Bello hosted the extravaganza late into the night. Authentic Haitian cuisine and Haitian dancing made sure everyone was filled and entertained. A silent auction brought philanthropy and excitement to the evening as works by Peter Tunney and the noted Haitian artist Philippe Dodard were shared.

The highlight of the evening occurred when Michael Capponi ushered his guests into the grand ballroom for an emotional speech. Capponi discussed the importance of his foundation, The Haitian Empowerment Mission. Capponi also praised Donna Karan for her humanitarian leadership in Haiti. Capponi said, “I’ve been with Donna many times in Haiti, she is an incredible inspiration to me, someone I really look up to, admire and hope to emulate one day.” Capponi also praised the nation of Haiti. He said, “Haiti is one of the most beautiful countries in the world- its beaches are on par with some of the greatest destinations. The culture, the arts and crafts and the music is something so special that I am almost at a loss to explain it to you, but one day when you all visit Haiti you will understand.” It was fantastic night for all in attendance. Hopefully, others will follow Capponi’s leadership in bringing good things to the world.

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