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Leadership Miami is an annual program sponsored by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and several of Miami-Dade County's premier companies, local agencies and corporations. The program is targeted towards men and women interested in making Miami a better place to live.

Leadership Miami offers its members the opportunity to meet Miami's leaders and to share an intensive learning experience that focuses on community issues and leadership skills. The purpose of Leadership Miami is to prepare the next generation of Miamians to meet future challenges. The program provides members with lectures, seminars and small group discussions and leadership skills exercises to address vital issues affecting Miami-Dade County. This dynamic format stimulates vigorous and animated discussions by all participants.

During the extensive two-day opening conference, community leaders, government officials and prominent business executives present their individual perspectives on a wide variety of topics. All the presentations are followed by question and answer sessions, and later by small group discussions among the participants where the focus is the development of leadership skills.

To encourage further exploration and action related to community issues and to encourage the development of leadership skills, additional sessions are scheduled following the opening conference. At these focus sessions, participants have the opportunity to develop friendships and network with peers in their assigned small discussion group for the duration of the program. These discussions are facilitated by Leadership Miami alumni who are trained as facilitators. COMMUNITY PROJECT A most important part of Leadership Miami and a requirement for completion of the program is the participation by all members in a volunteer community project of their group’s choosing. The purpose of this portion of the program is to broaden the participants’ awareness of community needs and facilitate their involvement in local volunteer programs. Each Leadership Miami group selects a charitable agency to assist and is responsible for designing a program that will benefit the community.

Luncheons, social events and a graduation are all planned to encourage participants to meet and build friendships based on dedication to community service and to Miami. These programs enable participants to meet one another, and on many occasions, to share time with civic and community leaders in a social setting. Many times, participants organize activities among themselves that will further the mission of Leadership Miami. Social events are, without a doubt, a fun and rewarding portion of the program."

The Leadership Miami year concludes with a day dedicated to the review of skills and issues discussed throughout the year. Participants have the opportunity to present their Group Projects. The Carlos Arboleya Community Service Award is presented to an outstanding current participant. The Bill Colson Award is presented to an alumnus who has provided consistent leadership in creating community understanding and enhancing the quality of life for a broad cross-section of the total community. The day ends with a graduation celebration.

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